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Why choose bespoke?

Here we look at the main features and differences between 3 broad categories of suits to help you determine if bespoke is the right choice for you.

Off the shelf (Ready to wear)

​These are the suits we find at retail stores. They offer a standard fit for every customer of similar size (M, XL, etc). They may offer minor alterations but the fit usually tends to be imperfect.


  • Mass-Produced and pre-made.

  • Available in standard sizes.

  • Limited customization options.

  • Differentiators:

    • Affordability and accessibility.

    • Quick availability.

Off the shelf suits
Made to measure suits

Made to measure

​These suits use a standard pattern and modify it to fit someone’s body shape and size. While the process is more customized that off the shelf suits, it misses nuances such as the slope of shoulders and arch of back, for example. Made to measure relies on standard measurements.

  • Semi-customized based on standard patterns.

  • Some degree of personalization in terms of fabric, styling, and fit.

  • Individual measurements are taken but does not guarantee a perfect fit as measurements taken are standard and may ignore the finer details.

Bespoke (Custom made)

​These suits are completely handmade, where the fabric is cut and designed specifically for an individual. Every aspect of the design is fully customizable.. The craftsmanship is of the highest quality ensuring the fit is perfect taking into account finer details such as lapel width, arch of the back. Fabrics are selected with careful consideration of factors such as the occasion, weather, and use case.

  • Fully customized and tailored to individual preferences.

  • Patterns created from scratch based on client's measurements.

  • Extensive personalization options in terms of fabric, style, lining, buttons, etc.

  • Differentiators:

    • Exceptional fit and craftsmanship.

    • Unique and personalized design.

    • Higher price point due to the level of customization.

Bespoke/Custom suits
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